The Secret Life of Pets📺爱宠大机密 Part 2

The Secret Life of Pets📺爱宠大机密 Part 2




Come on! We gotta get to shore.


Come on 表示催促或加快速度
Come on, we're running late! 快点,我们要迟到了!
Gotta = have got to 必须
gotta go [口]得走了
get to 到达,抵达:指到达某个地方或达到某个目标。
shore /ʃɔːr/(海洋、湖泊等大水域的)岸,滨 (off shore 离岸的)
The company has set up an off shore account to avoid taxes. 公司设立了一个离岸账户以避税。

I only know the doggy paddle! And I don't know it well!


Know /noʊ/ to have learned a skill or language and be able to use it 学会;掌握
Do you know any Japanese? 你会日语吗?
doggy paddle 狗爬泳:一种游泳姿势,类似狗狗游泳的方式。
Dissecting the dog paddle