Young Sheldon📺小谢尔顿 Part 1

Young Sheldon📺小谢尔顿 Part 1




All right, everybody, my name is Ms. MacElroy.

大家好 我叫MacElroy女士

All right used to get sb's attention (引起注意)哎
All right class, turn to page 20. 好啦,同学们,翻到第20页。

In addition to being your homeroom teacher, I'll be seeing some of you in my English class, and some of you on the volleyball court.


In addition to 除了……之外,表示在已经提到的事物之外,还有额外的事物或观点。
In addition to studying English, she also learns French. 除了学习英语,她还学法语。
in addition to doing sth 除…之外
homeroom /ˈhoʊmruːmˌˈhoʊmrʊm/ a room in a school where students go at the beginning of each school day, so that teachers can check who is in school; the time spent in this room 进行课前点名的教室
will be doing 将来进行时,强调的是我在将来那个时候会做这样一件事,(will do强调的是这件事会发生)。
some of you 你们中的一些人
Volleyball /ˈvɑːlibɔːl/ 排球运动
FIVB Volleyball-Weltrangliste der Männer: Wie schneidet Deutschland ab?
Court /kɔːrt/(网球等的)球场
a tennis/squash/badminton court 网球╱壁球╱羽毛球场