Modern Family 🎨 摩登家庭:第一季第一集 No.1

Modern Family 🎨 摩登家庭:第一季第一集 No.1




Claire: Kids, breakfast! Kids? Phil, would you get them?

Kid / kɪd / n.小孩,年轻人
Breakfast / ˈbrekfəst / n.早餐
would you… 用于询问某人是否愿意做某事,表示礼貌地征求对方意见或请求帮助。
get sb to do sth to make, persuade, etc. sb/sth to do sth 使,让(某人或物做某事);说服(某人做某事)

Phil: Yeah. Just a sec.

sec / sek / abbr. 秒(second)
Just a sec 稍等, 一会就来

Claire: Kids!

Phil: That is - Okay. Kids? Get down here!

get down / ɡet daʊn / 下来

Haley: Why are you guys yelling at us when we're way upstairs? Just text me.

yell /jel/ (at sb/sth) to shout loudly, for example because you are angry, excited, frightened or in pain 叫喊;大喊;吼叫
Yelling  v. 叫喊(yell的ing形式)
Way:very far; by a large amount 很远;大量
up·stairs /ˌʌpˈsterz/ adv. 在楼上
when we're way upstairs 当我们远在楼上时
text /tekst/(用手机给某人)发短信
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ClaireAll right. That's not gonna happen.

All right:used to get sb's attention(引起注意)哎
gonna / ˈɡənə / contr.<非正式>即将,将要(即 going to)
happen / ˈhæpən / v.发生
That's not gonna happen 那是不可能的

Claire: And, wow! You're not wearing that outfit.

Wearing v.穿(衣服),戴(首饰)(wear的ing形式)
out·fit /ˈaʊtfɪt/ a set of clothes that you wear together, especially for a particular occasion or purpose 全套服装,装束(尤指为某场合或目的)
how should i dress??