Modern Family 🎨 摩登家庭:第一季第一集 No.7

Modern Family 🎨 摩登家庭:第一季第一集 No.7



Manny: Stop the car.

Gloria: Oh, where are you going? See? You hurt his feelings.

hurt his feelings 伤害他的感情

Jay: Ah- Well, if it toughens him up a little bit then-

tough·en/ˈtʌfn/ to make sb stronger and more able to deal with difficult situations 使更坚强;使坚韧
But if you're going to work in Brooklyn, you got to toughen up. 但如果你想在布鲁克林工作,就得坚强起来。
a little bit 有点儿少许

Jay: Oh, geez. He's picking flowers.

pick/pɪk/ to take flowers, fruit, etc. from the plant or the tree where they are growing 采;摘
flowers freshly picked from the garden 刚从花园采的鲜花

Gloria: Manny's very passionate, just like his father.

pas·sion·ate/ˈpæʃənət/ having or showing strong feelings 热诚的;狂热的

Gloria: My first husband-he's very handsome, but too crazy. It seemed like all we did was fight and make love, fight and make love, fight and make love. One time, I'm not kidding you, we fell out the window together.

seemed like 似乎
It seemed like a good idea at the time , and then it all went horribly wrong. 那在当时似乎是个好主意,但后来却铸成大错。
fall to drop down from a higher level to a lower level 落下;下落;掉落;跌落(fell 是fall 的过去式)

Jay: Which-Which one were you doing? I'm hearing this for the first time.

Mitchell: This doesn't worry you? She barely slept on the plane and she's still wide awake.

bare·ly /ˈberli/ in a way that almost does not happen or exist 几乎不;几乎没有 adv. 仅仅,勉强;几乎不;
wide awake /waɪd əˈweɪk/ completely awake. 完全醒着的

Cameron: Oh, stop worrying.

Mitchell: I can't. That-That orphanage was all women. Maybe she just- she can't fall asleep unless she feels a woman's shape.

fall asleep /fɔːl əˈsliːp/ 入睡;睡着
a woman's shape 女子体型