Modern Family 🎨 摩登家庭:第一季第一集 No.6

Modern Family 🎨 摩登家庭:第一季第一集 No.6



Manny: I'm quitting soccer. It is a game for children.

quit/kwɪt/ to stop doing sth 停止;戒掉
I've quit smoking. 我戒了烟。

Gloria: No, you're not quitting. You would have stopped that goal if you weren't staring at that little girl.

would have done 过去将来完成时(可用于虚拟句,表示与过去的事实相反)
stare/ster/ (at sb/sth) to look at sb/sth for a long time 盯着看;凝视;注视
You Can Stare At Someone For This Many Seconds Before They Start to Find  You Creepy | Men's Health

Manny: She is not a girl. She's a woman.

Jay: You know, Gloria, that little blowup with that other mom-

Blowup /ˈbloʊˌʌp/ an unrestrained expression of emotion 勃然大怒
Frank and I had a blowup last night. 昨夜弗兰克和我吵了一架。

Jay: Why do you have to do things like that?

Gloria: If somebody says something about my family, I'm going to-

Jay: I'm just saying. You could take it down here a little bit. That's all.

take it down (a notch) 不要冲动,冷静

Gloria: Oh, yeah. 'Cause that's where you live, down here. But I live up here!

Jay: Yeah, but you don't have to be so emotional all the time.

emo·tion·al/ɪˈmoʊʃən(ə)l/ showing strong emotions, sometimes in a way that other people think is unnecessary 情绪激动的;感情冲动的
He tends to get emotional on these occasions. 他在这些场合往往容易动感情。

Jay: That's all I'm saying. Manny, you're with me on this, right?

be with sb on sth to support sb and agree with what they say 支持;与…站在一起;同意…说的话
We're all with you on this one. 在这个问题上我们都支持你。

Manny: I wanna tell Brenda Feldman I love her.

Jay: Oh, for God sakes.

for God's sake 看在上帝面上

Gloria: Manny, she's 16.

Manny: Oh. It's okay for you to take an older lover?

It's okay for you to do sth 你做某事是可以的

Jay: Hey, watch it.

ˈwatch it ( informal ) used as a warning to sb to be careful 当心;留神;注意

Manny: I wanna go to the mall where she works.

mall = shopping mall 在购物广场
Times Square (shopping mall) - Wikipedia