Modern Family 🎨 摩登家庭:第一季第一集 No.4

Modern Family 🎨 摩登家庭:第一季第一集 No.4




Phil: Ow! There. Be free. Excalibur.

Excalibur /ekˈskælɪbə(r)/ the legendary sword of King Arthur (亚瑟王传说)亚瑟王的神剑
King Arthur's sword Excalibur: The legends, the contradictions, and the  discovery today | The Vintage News

Haley: I'm having a friend over today.

have a friend over means to have friends visiting at your house. 接待朋友
"have people over",
"have guests over",
"have family over"

Claire: Who?

Haley: Uh, you don't know him.

Claire: Him? Him?

Luke: Ooh, a boy.You gonna kiss him?

Alex: Shut up.

Phil: Easy. Easy.

Claire: Luke, Alex, why don't you take it outside, okay?

take it outside 到外面解决
You want to take it outside Anytime! 你想到外头解(干架)吗?随时奉陪!