Modern Family 🎨 摩登家庭:第一季第一集 No.3

Modern Family 🎨 摩登家庭:第一季第一集 No.3




Mitchell: You saw that, right? Everybody fawning over Lily, and then you walk on and suddenly it's all, "Ooh, SkyMall. I gotta buy a motorized tie rack."

Fawn /fɔːn/ ~ (on/over sb)disapproving) to try to please sb by praising them or paying them too much attention 恭维;讨好;巴结
skymall 机舱内购物杂志
SkyMall files for bankruptcy, but 'hopeful' iconic catalog will survive -  The Verge
motor·ized /ˈmoʊtəraɪzd/ having an engine 有引擎的;机动的
rack /ræk/ 支架;架子
Motorized Tie Rack @

Mitchell: All right, you know, I'm gonna give the speech.

give the speech 做演讲
On the graduation ceremony, I represented all the graduats to give a speech. 在毕业典礼上,我代表所有毕业生发表了感言。
How to Become a Better Public Speaker