Love Wedding Repeat 📺 婚礼几样情

Love Wedding Repeat 📺 婚礼几样情



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Everything Okay?


Everything Okay? = Is everything OK with you? 你还好吗?
Everything OK? 你还好吗?

Yeah, just a bit of tummy trouble.


just a bit of 只是一点点
tummy /ˈtʌmi/ 肚子
  • tummy ache 肚子痛
tummy trouble 胃部不适, 肚子不舒服
  • I have a bit of tummy trouble,I need to use the toilet  我肚子不舒服,我得借用一下厕所
April is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month! Here's what you should  know. - Gastroenterologist San Antonio

I was just worried you might miss your flight.


worried (that...) 担心的;担忧的
  • The police are worried that the man may be armed. 警方担心那个人可能携带着武器。
might /maɪt/(表示可能性)可能

No, I've got a few minutes.


I've got 我有
  • I've got a plan 我有一个计划
a few minutes 几分钟:表示一个不确定的短时间段

Can you believe how lucky your sister got?


Can you believe ___? 你能相信___?

1:is used to criticize something that you don't like.

  • Can you believe he didn't even call me back? 你能相信他都没回我电话吗?

2:you're surprised about it.

  • Can you believe how lucky your sister got? 你能相信你妹妹有多么幸运吗?

She gets sent off to Rome for work, and I get sent off to war-torn hellholes.


get sent off to 表示被派遣到某个地方去做某件事情。所以,“She gets sent off to Rome for work” 意思是她被派遣到罗马工作,这里的“get” 意味着被动或不得不去做某事的情况。
war-torn /ˈwɔːr tɔːrn/ 受战争严重破坏的;饱受战争蹂躏的
  • war 战争 torn 受…伤害
hellhole /ˈhelhoʊl/  a very unpleasant place 非常令人不舒服的场所,极端凄惨的地方

Well, I suppose if you're gonna be a war journalist, that might, more or less, be what you'd expect.


I suppose 我猜想,我认为:用于表示某种推测或假设
that might be what you'd expect. 这可能是你所期望的。
more or less 或多或少,多多少少

Okay, smartass.


smart ass <俚> 指一个自以为聪明、喜欢表现自己聪明的人。
always a smart ass 总是自作聪明