Mr & Mrs Smith 📺史密斯夫妇

Mr & Mrs Smith 📺史密斯夫妇




John: Hey, babe.

Babe /beɪb/ 爱人的昵称宝贝儿,心肝儿

Jane: Perfect timing.

per·fect /ˈpɜːrfɪkt/ excellent; very good 极好的;很好的
tim·ing /ˈtaɪmɪŋ/ the skill of doing sth at exactly the right time 时机的掌握;火候的把握
Your timing is perfect. I was just about to call you. 你来得正是时候。我刚想要给你打电话。

John: It's pissing rain out there.

piss /pɪs/ 撒尿
piss down: to rain heavily 下大雨
out there = outside 外面
Be sure to put a coat on; it's freezing out there! 记得穿外套,外面冻死了

John: Gardener left the lawnmower out.

Gardener /ˈɡɑːrdnər/ 园丁;花匠 Garden /ˈɡɑːrdn/ 花园
leave If you leave something in a particular state, position, or condition, you let it remain in that state, position, or condition. 使处于 (某种状态、位置或情形)
I've left the car lights on. 我把车灯开着。
Lawnmower /ˈlɔːnmoʊər/ 草坪割草机
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