The Bad Guys📺坏蛋联盟

The Bad Guys📺坏蛋联盟




Snake: Stop.

Wolf: I'll stop if you just explain it to me because I don't...

stop: 停止
Stop it. You're hurting me.  住手。你弄疼我了。
You girls, stop talking! 你们这些女孩子,别说话了!
ex·plain /ɪkˈspleɪn/~ sth (to sb): to tell sb about sth in a way that makes it easy to understand 解释;说明;阐明
Can you explain how the email system works? 你能说明一下电子邮件系统的工作原理吗?

Snake: Would you please just drop it?

would you please 请你
Just /dʒʌst/ used in orders to get sb's attention, give permission, etc. (引起注意、表示允许等)请,就
Just listen to what I'm saying, will you! 你就听我说好吗?
Drop /drɑːp/ to stop doing or discussing sth; to not continue with sth 停止;终止;放弃
Drop everything and come at once! 放下所有事情赶快来吧!
Look, can we just drop it (= stop talking about it) ? 喂,这事儿能不能就谈到这儿?

Wolf: All right, all right, fine, fine, fine, fine. Consider it dropped. It's dropped. It's on the ground.

all ˈright: used to say that you agree(表示同意)好,行,可以
‘Can you do it?’ ‘Oh, all right.’ “你能干好这件事吗?”“噢,能。”
con·sider /kənˈsɪdər/~ sb/sth (as) sth: to think of sb/sth in a particular way 认为;以为;觉得
He considers himself an expert on the subject. 他认为自己是这门学科的专家。