The Grinch📺绿毛怪格林奇

The Grinch📺绿毛怪格林奇




Mom: Ugh. No, I can't today. I have a list of errands a mile long and the babysitter left the sink backed up.

List /lɪst/ 名单;目录;清单 a shopping list 购物单
er·rand /ˈerənd/ a job that you do for sb that involves going somewhere to take a message, to buy sth, deliver goods, etc. 差使;差事
on an errand 跑腿
Her boss sent her on an errand into town. 老板派她进城办事去了。
mile /maɪl/ 英里 a mile long 一公里长
baby·sit·ter /ˈbeɪbisɪtər/ 临时保姆;代人临时照看小孩的人
Leave /liːv/ 让…处于(某种状态、某地等)
Leave the door open, please. 请把门开着吧。
Sink /sɪŋk/(厨房里的)洗涤池,洗碗槽
Don't just leave your dirty plates in the sink! 别把脏盘子往洗碗槽里一放就不管了!
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Back up(Of running water) accumulate behind an obstruction (流水)积聚