Friends 📺 老友记 第一季 No.9

Friends 📺 老友记 第一季 No.9




Rachel: Barry, I'm sorry. I am so sorry. I know you probably think this is all about what I said the other night about you making love with your socks on, but it isn't. It isn't. It's about me. And I ju- Hi, machine cut me off again. Anyway…

all about:关于…的一切
the other night (day/ evening/ week):不久前的某晚(某天、某夜、某个星期)
machine: a particular machine, for example In the home, when you do not refer to it by its full name 在具体语境中不用说出全称、对话双方都知晓的机器,如洗衣机、电脑等家用电器。这里是指电话答录机(answering machine).
cut someone off: to interrupt someone who is speaking on the telephone by breaking the connection 中断某人的(电话)通话