Ticket to Paradise📺幸福入场券

Ticket to Paradise📺幸福入场券




So you're asking her tonight?


ask sb ( to marry sb) 向某人求婚
he'll ask her to marry him. 他向她求婚。

Yeah. Any advice?


Got any advice? 有什么建议吗?

Go for the grand gesture.


Go for If you go for a particular thing or way of doing something, you choose it. 选择
I think I'll go for  the fruit salad. 我想要水果色拉。
grand gesture an action that's done in a big, showy manner, typically to express affection or make amends. It's often associated with significant actions taken to impress, apologize, or show a profound emotion towards someone else. 大张旗鼓的动作:以盛大的、炫耀的方式所做的动作,通常是为了表达感情或弥补过错它通常与为了给别人留下深刻印象、道歉或表达深刻情感而采取的重大行动有关。

I used to do stuff like that all the time.


all the time 一直

He never did anything like that. It was totally out of character.

他从不搞浪漫那一套, 那完全不像他

tot·al·ly /ˈtoʊtəli/ 完全
This behaviour is totally unacceptable. 这种行为是完全不能接受的。
out of character not in keeping with someone's usual pattern of behaviour and motives. 出乎意料,反常