El Paso mayor addresses migrant crisis at the border

El Paso mayor addresses migrant crisis at the border


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As we reported on Tuesday, President Biden rolled out sweeping executive actions to address the migrant crisis. Capping the number of migrants who can claim Asylum between ports of Entry at the southern border.

as: used to make a comment or to add information about what you have just said 正如;如同
  • As you know, Julia is leaving soon. 你是知道的,朱莉娅马上要离开了。
re·port /rɪˈpɔːrt/ ~ (on) sth: to present a written or spoken account of an event in a newspaper, on television, etc. 报道;公布;发表;宣布
  • She reports on royal stories for the BBC. 她为英国广播公司做有关王室活动的报道。
President Biden 拜登总统:美国现任总统,就职于2021年1月20日。
roll out 推出、推广或展开:描述新产品、服务、计划等的推出过程。
sweeping executive actions 全面的行政措施
sweeping /ˈswiːpɪŋ/ having an important effect on a large part of sth 影响广泛的;大范围的;根本性的
  • sweeping reforms/changes 全面改革;彻底变化
ad·dress /əˈdres/ to think about a problem or a situation and decide how you are going to deal with it 设法解决;处理;对付
  • We must address ourselves to the problem of traffic pollution. 我们必须设法解决交通污染问题。
migrant crisis 移民危机
cap the number of 限制……的数量 cap /kæp/ 限制,设定上限
claim asylum 申请庇护 asy·lum /əˈsaɪləm/ (政治)庇护,避难
ports of entry 入境口岸
southern border 南部边境
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